Steubenville, USA: You Are Here

Some of this blog may delve into the “Not Suitable For Work” category. Normally, I try to censor myself, but I’m tired, cranky and extremely upset. I did not choose these words just to be vulgar, and I apologize if any sincerity on my part is lost due to language/graphic choices.


I’m supposed to be sleeping right now, but I can’t. I decided to check Facebook to see those silly things you see, but sadly was instead reminded over and over again of the immoral, disgusting society in which we live.

You all know the case by now, but if by chance you missed it, here it goes: In Steubenville, Ohio, two high school teens teamed up to rape a 16 year old classmate. Trent Mays (age 17) and Ma’lik Richmond (age 16) took advantage of a girl who was intoxicated, removed her clothing (either by force or coercion), penetrated her vagina with their fingers, and took pictures and video of the assault and the aftermath.

Mays, who took pictures of the victim naked and perpetrated rape acts received two years in juvenile detention. Richmond received one year of the same punishment for rape acts.

Two years. One year. For rape.

Maybe I’m missing something here…nope. They committed rape.

Rap star DMX violated probation by consuming alcohol. One year sentence.

Kevin Mitnik was convicted of hacking and computer fraud. One year sentence (after nearly FOUR YEARS of incarceration without trial).

A Columbus woman was convicted of bribery. One year sentence.

Are you kidding me? THEY RAPED A GIRL! They took advantage of a girl who was intoxicated. They violated her. They humiliated her. They used her. Then they rubbed it in her face.

These teens were tried as minors. MINORS?! If you’re “man” enough to shove your fingers into a drunk girl’s vagina; if you’re “man” enough to take pictures of a girl after she’s been violated and is passed out; if you’re “man” enough to brag to your friends about violating a girl; if you’re “man” enough to tell the whole world about your little conquest, then you sure as hell are man enough to face the full reality and responsibility of your actions.

An Attorney General stated that more charges might be forthcoming. That there might have been teens that could have prevented or stopped the rape and failed to do so and that there might have been adults that covered up for these kids, including parents and football coaches.

Are you fucking kidding me?! WE JUST DID THIS AT PENN STATE! How in the hell could this have happened again?!


We’re not talking about a recruiting violation or an underage drinking ticket. We’re talking about the violation and degradation of the human body, mind, and spirit. We’re talking about possibly the single worst thing a person can survive and the single worst crime one can commit without taking a life (probably because in actuality it DOES result in the loss of life both figuratively and literally).

I’m not just blaming the media here, for their “those poor boys” and “that poor football team” and “sad for the town” quotes. Actually wait…if you said any of those things, screw you and the priorities you fucked up when you woke this morning. There was a young girl RAPED last year, and you’re worried about some stupid game?  Two boys (and yeah, they really are just boys because real men don’t fucking rape people) made multiple, controlled decisions to ruin that girls life and you’re worried about their feelings?

See, it’s not just the media, it’s this whole nation. This nation has some serious priority issues. The fact that football teams have now been in the center of potentially a second rape cover up is disgusting. The fact that those two teams are almost definitely less than one percent of all the rape cover-ups that happen within or surrounding football programs is nauseating. The fact that we treat rape like some minor felony akin breaking probation is gut-wrenching.

This is a rape culture we live in. Boys are raised to use the word “pussy” as an insult. We’re raised to say crap like “You throw like a girl” (I’m sure Jenny Finch has no problem with that; you try hitting her fastball) and call each other “faggots”. We’re raised to think that having sex (whether forced or consensual doesn’t seem to matter) is some right of passage. We’re taught that women are here to cook and clean and spread their legs. This is our culture. It’s in our movies and our television and our music and our advertisements and our workplaces and our school yards.

Why? Because that’s what boys do because that’s what men do, and until men change that mentality it won’t get better.

Well I’m fucking sick of the guidelines this society wants me to follow. You know what I think it is to be a man? First off: I think it’s the exact same thing as what it is to be a woman. I think it’s protecting those that need to be protected. I think it’s standing up to hatred whether it’s sexism, racism or any other bigotry. I think it’s setting an example for the next generation that being a dick does not equal being a man.

Rape is not right. Sexism and racism and xenophobia are not right. They aren’t “rights” either. They are violations. They are egregious evils.

Women never ask for it, guys. The way they dress does not ask for your hand down their shirt. If you buy them a drink, they do not owe you a blow job. If they kiss you, that does not mean you lift their skirt. If a woman does have sex, she is NOT a slut. She is NOT a whore.

Men claim that they’re the superior gender; well we sure don’t act like it. I know we can’t stop every rape. I know we can’t stop every act of hatred. But god damn it we absolutely MUST stop excusing it.

It’s not “something that happens”. It’s a crime. We need to treat it as a crime and we need to treat rapists as criminals. We need men to finally grow up. We need to end the rape culture.