Democrats Should Not Re-elect Nancy Pelosi

It’s about much more than track record.

It’s about much more than how much she loves the President.

This past election, the nation overwhelmingly shouted to our government that we are not going to be taken hostage by the Christian fundamentalism portion of the GOP platform. The GOP was painted (and let’s be honest, they held their own brush) as exclusionary and┬ádivisive. Their policies polarized the nation and especially alienated the more moderate voting block who wished for a more fiscally responsible government but weren’t willing to sacrifice their social and moral beliefs.

Many of us celebrated on November 6th, but there was another underlying message amid the gloating: the GOP must do better at working with Obama and the Democrats.

That should not be a call to only half the House. The Democrats have to extend a better hand across that aisle than Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi, over the last two years, has been just as polarizing as John Boehner.

In fact, the GOP should think about switching that face as well.

If we as a people are asking for a new, nicer government, one that works together to create a better nation then they owe it to us to give us better, more productive leadership within their own walls.

I don’t want two stubborn mules hurling words at each other. I don’t want congressmen being forced to pick sides based on the color of their tie. I don’t want congress being stalled because the other side came up with the idea.

That starts at the top.

I don’t know who will run against Pelosi, though at this point it seems no one will.

In her announcement, Pelosi spoke of working together. Well, Ms. Pelosi- you are one of the reasons the GOP stopped working with the Democrats. You are reviled by the opposition party (the MAJORITY party). How, by you staying in the leadership position, are you helping that cause?

Her untouchable seat from California allows her to be so staunch. She has no legit opposition in local elections.

We need someone who relies on the independent voter to be elected. We need someone who can draw respect from both sides of the aisle and all the seats in between.

If the Democrats are serious about asking the GOP to work with us for the next four years and into the future, then we need to show them that we’re willing to work with them as well.

That starts with a new face at the top.